“What do you do?” One of the most asked question in western society after “How are you?”. It’s a fallback option and lingers at the back of the mind when speaking to strangers. Always looking to get a definition of the person based on “their job”.

Well, it’s not how I roll, so to speak. In the 20XX model you can kind of say I’m an actor, writer, poet, technologist, entrepreneur but even as I write it just comes across as so “promotional”. Society wants you to have that definition. There is a thirst to have an answer to “What do you do?” Well, I do have conversations…and I tell stories.

Oh yes. I’ve been described as a dreamer and romantic. I just like to be having a why to my meaning. It does not mean I don’t rest!

“Do not let society define you as only being able to do one thing.

The most important commodity you have in life is time.

Use it wisely but chill.

There will always be time.”

8yrs – An early love of poetry

I wrote my first poem about a rose. My teacher at the time (Ms Griffiths) did not believe I wrote the poem. I never wrote another one again for 15 years.

14yrs – Breakdancing was life

I was a co-founder of a break dancing crew called Breakwave that performed and had battles all around London. I loved it and we were very good!

16yrs – Maths & Reggae

I was an insecure boy-man fascinated by mathematics. I also immersed myself in Reggae music

18yrs – Table Tennis (not ping pong)

I was now pretty good at table tennis and played local, county and at national tournaments.

23yrs – Mathematics & Computer Science

I had a mathematics and computer science degree but no clue what I was going to do with it so I got a “job” after taking advice from my mentor and tutor (Mr Tripp) at University. May he RIP

28yrs – Silicon Valley

Lucky enough to work for a Silicon born company I visited Silicon Valley and could smell the innovation and opportunity of technology. That sense never left me. Allow yourself to create and fail.

40yrs – Acting

I trained to become a professional actor in London and Santa Monica, Los Angeles (I have fantastic memories of Santa Monica). My teachers were Lorrie and Dianne Hull. (Lovely people)

The years continuedPoetry

I published a volume of poetry, Letters to the Lady. I recorded all 44 poems available to stream. I performed in Covent Garden where I directed, produced and performed in the show.

The years continued stillCandles

I decided to marry my poetry with my love of candles and produced a small bespoke range of my poetry candles, each a name of a poem.

…and stillThe Lockdown Blog

In May of 2020 I started writing my thoughts about ‘normal’ in the midst and great concern for all in the pandemic. With no aim I put the posts online and this blog was formed. I carried on writing

…and still I carry onProductions & Stories

I continue producing for my one-person show on Paul Robeson. I continue to write more poetry (on medium). I get a sense to explore technology and creative further in the interesting areas for me. I stay healthy. I tell stories…

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