George Lamptey performing Letters to the Lady in Covent Garden

George Lamptey trained to become a professional actor 10 years ago in 2011. He trained at the Brian Timoney Actors’ Studio at the Courtyard Theatre, London and with Lorrie and Dianne Hull at the Hull Actors’ Studio in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. He was born and raised in South London with a heritage in Ghana.

He is know for his versatility and variety of character in his performances. Over the years he has performed in a number of off west-end productions, including the political drama,  Asylum Dialogues where he played no less than five different characters, The Last Throw in Soho which he also co-wrote, Secrets of the SAS on TV, the feature film, Common Era and his experiential production featuring poetry, art and dance Letters to the Lady in Covent Garden which he directed, produced and performed in. He has also done a host of commercial work.

Performing Letters to the Lady in Covent Garden


Semi-Finalist 2016
Generation 2


Firstly, what can we say about 2020 and beyond? Change, it’s all about change.

I needed something to challenge be, take me out of my comfort zone and push my to heights where the result can only really be felt when I get there.

With a year that will always lodge in the memory for many reasons I also hope to launch a new solo production, Conversations with Paul Robeson in 2022. This man led a remarkable life and has been a great influence on me as I embarked on learning more about him.


Poetry is always in my heart
I still write, sometimes I think not enough but I ‘think poetically’ if that makes sense! 2022 will be no different.

I have continued to explore my poetry and leverage material from Letters to the Lady in different ways. I aim to continue to do this.