Part 11: Why are we planning to go back to “normal” anyway? CONTROL

Definition (Control)the power to influence or direct people’s behaviour or the course of events.

If you control the narrative you begin to start to build momentum to control the outcome. If it’s in a positive way then it benefits the masses. If not then it benefits a select number of people.

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When I wrote about respect in the last post I thought it was a moment to acknowledge how a lack of empathy was evident from authority who took it upon themselves to play with public emotions in many ways during recent months.

The contradiction of “giving freedoms” to the public during the pandemic is also confounded by the acceleration of a controlling nature of how the population is going to be healed of the virus.

The lack of control and laissez-faire attitude to policy is especially clear in many western countries including the US and the UK. Now the focus has turned to “the cure” for the virus and the familiar excess control by western nations when it comes to vaccines.

Green shoots

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More recently the talk of green shoots in the development of drugs and potential cures against coronavirus are another trend that I’m very wary of because it is aimed at the most vulnerable in society. In short “let’s get the guinea pigs to test things out”.

Influence the public’s behaviour and take control of the hearts and minds of those who are weak in the midst of the pandemic.

Now, this could be a positive thing if the intentions are worthy but the news this week that the US had bought the entire stock of the drug Remdesivir did not come as a surprise to me, although it apparently came as a surprise to nations around Europe. This is the drug, which was trialled in the Ebola epidemic but failed to work as expected. (I do wonder how those trials failed and who the subjects were?) Hmm…

the focus has turned to “the cure” and the familiar excess of control by western nations when it comes to vaccines

All the talk has been about mankind’s fight against the virus and what “we” will do in our power to cure the people. But as we know, not everyone is equal.

These blatant grand actions show there are different levels of humanity and further still, it’s to make sure the economics works out to kick start the economy.

The rest of the world has a hierarchy. The US will look after itself first, but even within the country it is economics that will determine what value you bring to the table and that will determine what type of treatment you will get.

To needle or not to needle?

Does everybody really need to be vaccinated?

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Let’s remind ourselves of some statistics.

Here is an example: The population of the UK is approx. 66m people and the population of Ghana is approx. 31m people (less than half that of the UK.) The deaths in the UK are 50,000 (at least). In Ghana the death count is 112 people. Every death is a tragedy. But what we are seeing is a “reverse trend” of an expected pandemic outcome.

What part will Ghana play in obtaining this drug and furthermore of a vaccine if it becomes available? Why should swathes of Asia or Africa sign up for a potential vaccine?

Yet the information control in the West is that ethnic minorities should be the first to get access to a potential vaccine because they are more affected. I’ve yet to see a conclusive study that proves this is not because of social conditions in various parts of the west.

Vaccines equate to control. They need to be tested so what’s the narrative? Control the messaging in that “ethnic minorities need this more”. This results in the following…

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Case 1:
Oxford University is conducting trials and the continent of 1.2bn people in Africa and 200m of Brazil are ripe candidates under the premise of spreading the love to make sure all people are trialled. I’m dumbfounded by the recklessness and hideous neglect for those people who are better guinea pigs than the folk in the shires of the UK.

Case 2:
In Senegal, officials were cast out of a village where a “coronavirus vaccine” was on show to be trialled. Why there? Why not in the wealthy suburbs of Auteuil-Neuilly-Passy in Paris?

The power to weed control to trial out a vaccine in an African country is far more viable than invading the space of a wealthy population long overdue an armpit shave following lockdown.

Am I human?

There is a Senegalese proverb “an intelligent enemy is better than a stupid friend” which springs to mind when I consider other “under the radar” vaccine initiatives that have been pushed recently.

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Some people are deemed “less than human” or “just human enough to be jabbed and stabbed”. This reinforces the narrative that ethnic minorities are deemed less human but just human enough to test things out. It may sound harsh but the facts stack up.

In this context you could include the umbrella of potential subjects across African, Asia and South America as well as a large population in America.

It has echoes of the “Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male.
In 1932 this was a shocking “experiment” that lasted 40 years until 1972 when over 600 black men were part of a study on syphilis without their consent. Even when penicillin became the drug of choice for syphilis in 1947 they just “ignored” it and carried on the experiment. Why do I bring this up?

It’s simple, once you control the narrative you get to work on getting a foothold on controlling the outcome of the experiment. In today’s world it is a vaccine and treatment for Coronavirus. It may seem that the focus is on ethnic minorities but right now it is understandable.

It’s simple, once you control the narrative you get to work on getting a foothold on controlling the outcome of the experiment.

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Numerous campaigns have sprung up that are challenging the narrative and getting the black population to not be the “first” to trial the drugs or vaccines for the virus. Why not use it on the majority of MPs in parliament? Sounds a bit weird right? But it’s ok to use it the less than affluent areas and communities, right?

Right there you can see how divergent those two groups are yet we are sold a narrative trying to control our thoughts and behaviour and that it is “ok” for those less well off, with more health conditions to simply be the test bunnies of today.

Control the narrative, control the process, control the product and control the execution. The result is injustice against people. Yes, they are actually people.

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  • Dienaba

    As usual, this is a very good article which explains how unfair the world we are living is and how some humans feel superior to others and believe they have all the rights to do or behave a certain way. It is time to go even further and carry on changing this world as many people did before us for a “better” and more “equal” world.

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