Poetry meets Artificial Intelligence

A very short piece on AI and poetry.

You may look at the article and wonder what exactly is he talking about. This image was generated through machine learning and artificial intelligence. In rudimentary terms many think a computer was programmed to draw this image from another image but is not the case.

This is actually a representation of a verse of my poetry which you can see below. The results are quite fascinating as it brings to life poetry though a different medium.

To life! Jostling. Excited. Sailing on the mini boats. Rich moss companions. One hundred feet high. Tickling puffs of cloud droplets. Yellow and bright white. Scintillating musical grandiose rhythms.  A vivid gathering. Look!

For me this is the AI I like as it has taken an abstract form and created a somewhat abstract but real form from it. The news is dominated by the likes of DALL-E with the strapline “Creating images from text”. So if you pipe in “a clock in the shape of an avocadoyou will get a kind of image that represents that and everybody is wow. It’s the type of AI that does not attract me because it does “like for like”. For a poet like me the abstract nature of many of my poems do not lend itself to this. You may disagree. I use a different form that allows room for interpretation.

With DALL-E, check out below. “an armchair in the shape of an avocado”

This is great the way it works and you can see how many artists (from design to graphic art) may be wondering how this impacts them. It does, with intrigue and and concern at the same time.

For me, AI can have even greater benefits if it can lend itself to the human imaginations eye and not strictly in a functional gaze like what we see above. Thanks

George Odarquaye Lamptey – The Experimental Poet

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